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I’m Elle Boone…

Human, Voice Actress, Singer/Songwriter, Straight Shooter, Truth Speaker, Happiness Seeker, The Cool Aunt, Music Lover, Kool Kids Voice Acting Founder, Celery Juice Enthusiast, Lipstick Fanatic, Positive Vibe Maker, & Sleep Procrastinator.  Oh, And Part-Time Barista (but only between gigs).

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“I believe musicians have a duty, a responsibility to reach out, to share your love or pain with others.”

~ James Taylor

The obsession started in my 4th grade choir with Mrs. Peterson.  Grandma (my mom’s mama) worked as a music selector for jukeboxes, so growing up there was always music playing in the house, like Aretha, the Doobie Brothers, Joni Mitchell.  I was exposed to a lot of different styles of music, but really love rock-n-roll, R&B & the blues.  Now I’m living in Nashville and have taken up songwriting.  Here’s a track I recorded recently.